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I am an osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic Council and have 12 years experience. Although I now have clinics in Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield, Hazlemere and Chalfont St Peter. I have worked in osteopathic clinics in the London and Oxford areas to gain experience as well as in a medical health centre alongside general practitioners.

I’m also a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and combine my existing knowledge with new research in the field as well as regularly updating my learning by attending post graduate courses and regional osteopathic meetings. For example, courses I have attended over the last year include myofascial taping, fascial techniques and acupuncture for treatment of sports injuries.

I aim to provide a professional service within a safe and caring environment and keep the patient at the centre of what I do. I want people to know that I have their best interests at heart and aim to treat everyone I see with patience, understanding and empathy.

Some Treatments: Lower and Upper Back pain treated using Osteopathy and/or Acupuncture Chronic and Acute Pain Neck related headaches and migraines Shoulder Pain including Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Injury Elbow, Wrist pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Sciatica/trapped nerves/leg pain Pain in the arm and wrist pain Pelvis, hip, knee and ankle pain Muscle Spasms and tension Trapped Nerves in the back, neck and shoulder Arthritic/Rheumatic pain Joint pains Sports injuries Pregnancy related pain – pelvic pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, coccyx pain Jaw pain such as TMJ/TMD dysfunction Cranial osteopathy for both adults and children, babies

What does the word Osteopath mean?

Osteopath can be broken down into “osteo” and “path” (from Greek); osteo means bone and path means disease. An osteopath is someone who practises osteopathy which can be defined, in general terms, as a therapy which works on problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Many people think that we just work on bones and only treat backs and necks but we can (and do!) treat any joint, muscle, ligament or tendon in the body including necks, knees, shoulders, ankles and feet.

The term “osteopath” is a legally protected term and you can only call yourself an osteopath once you are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).

How effective is osteopathic treatment?

Early referral for osteopathic treatment is recommended in the official guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as the most effective way of dealing with acute and chronic lower back pain – Early Management of persistent Low Back Pain: NHS National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: CG88 (2009)
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