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About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use movement, exercise, manual therapy, and advice to to restore movement and function to people affected by injury, illness or disability.
Physiotherapists treat a variety of conditons
Injuries including
Sports injuries
Muscle and ligament tears/strains
Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow
Back and neck pain
Frozen shoulder
Knee injuries including ligaments and cartilage damage
Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation
Joint replacements
Joint aches and pains
Scar tissue treatment
Fracture and trauma

Pilates based exercise, Theraband, Swiss Balls
Postural, lifestyle & nutritional advice
Mobilisations and joint manipulations
Soft tissue massage and stretching
Gentle fascial (connective tissue) techniques
Ultra sound, TENS machines
Variety of taping methods – myofascial, sports, McConnell
Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic Amersham

Sports Injury treatments, sports injury physio , sports massage
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